Media sources, corporations, and governments, have been driving a campaign of misinformation and propaganda for nothing more than control and profit. This has become more evident and increasingly aggressive in recent years. It is time for the People to take media, news, and communication back into our own hands! The current threats of violence must stop, and the constant uneasiness and fear people are subjected too are not helping this situation. This fear and increase in unnecessary carnage and slaughter of human beings is propagated by those who seek ultimate control over mankind and our financial system. Unfortunately, this type of activity is nothing new. There has always been groups of people who, since the beginning of time, felt it was their right to control others. However, now we have the technology and cross global communication networks in place so, if used appropriately, and if people decide to pay attention to the big picture, we can work towards a more peaceful and less oppressed world.

Our philosophy here at TrueRants Network is simple. To provide the most factual and honest news, information, and educational material from around the world. We believe an informed society is a smart society and we know that with the right information, citizens of this country and others will have the tools necessary to transform our world into a more peaceful, and harmonious environment in which we can all love and enjoy.

Not only do we provide news stories that we see as important and relevant to you. We also provide programming that dive into a number of topics, some which are purely entertainment and speculation, others include opinion based podcasts and blogs, which discuss real current events and several taboo subjects rarely talked about in the press. If you are ready to open up your mind and hear news from alternative perspectives, TrueRants Network provides you with what you want to hear, but more importantly, with the Truth!

Our Philosophy

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From grassroots beginnings to alternative perspectives, we bring awareness to life. Our story can be discovered here...

grayscale photo of man in jacket and pants standing near road
grayscale photo of man in jacket and pants standing near road